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Regional Strategic Assessment - Glasgow City Region City Deal

Regional Strategic Assessment

The Regional Strategic Assessment (RSA) is a detailed individual and collective analysis of the economic performance of the Region and the eight local authority areas that make up the Region.  It assesses our performance on a wide range of indicators over time, compared to sixteen other competing UK city regions.

The RSA has analysed data under three themes: Business, Labour Market and Quality of Life / Place Attractiveness - with findings included on, for example, the size of and numbers of jobs in the Region's business base; where jobs are located and how highly skilled are they; how economically active and how qualified the Region's working-age residents are; how well connected is the Region and how good is public transport; and to what extent are economic benefits distributed among the Region's residents.

While all of this information is available publically in one form or another - what the RSA does is bring it together in one place to form a cohesive, holistic picture of the Region.

Unlike many other city regions, our RSA has been produced in-house and it will be publically available later this year.

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